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“Wellness isn’t just about being physically fit, but emotionally happy and mentally strong too. Practicing good habits of your physical, mental, and emotional state to change your lifestyle for a more health-conscious one is practicing 360 wellness,” Christmas told POPSUGAR in an email.



“If this isn’t the American dream, I don’t know what is!” Christmas Abbott on ABC’s Shark Tank with sponsor PRX Performance.”


Fitness Gurls Cover + Feature


Sunday Morning View Feature

“For my next tattoo, I wanna get this saying: ‘Pressure is a privilege.’ It’s by a jujitsu fighter.” For Christmas, this embodies her drive to ask “What’s next?”

BodyBuilding.com Special Feature


“Impossible” is only for those who believe it, and I refuse to believe what others think I can or can’t do. It’s important to me that I choose my own path and stay true to myself. That’s what creates the passion that helps me stay the course when things are rough. I know in my heart that I’m doing what I should!


Sweat Rx Cover + Feature

“Food is your direct fuel & your body is mechanically better than a Ferrari. You’re going to treat the Ferrari like it’s your baby. You’re going to change the oil when its time, check the engine, and give it high-octane gas. But [instead] when it comes to your body, you wing it & end up pissing in your gas tank.”  – Xmas










STRONG Magazine Cover + Feature

“The best things in my life have initially terrified me…but they were also the most rewarding.” -Xmas


“I want my body to help women see their own bodies differently – to see that you can be feminine and strong & beautiful. You can be a gym rat & turn around and be a hot little minx – and you don’t have to choose one or the other.” – Xmas

The WTF Factory Interview

“I’m using my personal turbulence I’ve experienced through life and applying it to the wellness and fitness industry.”


What’s In My Gym Bag


Up Close & Personal with Christmas Abbott

“You are good enough. Believe in yourself. This is something that I struggled with long after I found fitness – finding my self-worth. You are what you believe in and you have to believe in yourself in order to make magic happen!” – Xmas

From A Nascar Pit to CrossFit, Christmas Abbott Totally Rocks It

“I always tell people – ‘don’t take it off my list because I’ll surprise you’. Don’t count me out!” – Xmas

Christmas Abbott & The Badass Body Movement

“Christmas has an absolutely infectious energy that is both electric and calming. In this episode not only does Christmas go into her story of transformation but she also gives us a glimpse of whats to come for both her and her thousands of dedicated followers.” – Dave Nixon & Lauren Heys









Christmas Abbott is Poetry In Motion

“I say ‘fuck’ a lot, role models probably shouldn’t say that a lot. Honestly, it blows me away every time a young female comes up & wants me to sign something or says she looks up to me. It’s a huge honor, it humbles me. My role models were heroin chic super skinny models, & I am so happy to be part of this movement towards a curvier woman, a healthier lifestyle, a stronger woman both physically and mentally.” – Xmas









The Vision Board Podcast

“Anybody can have a good idea, it’s the follow through that makes the biggest difference.” -Xmas


This Is What Strength Looks Like

“It’s my duty to put that message out there that you get one body and you better freakin’ love it and take care of it,” she says. And it doesn’t have to fit any certain specific mold.” – Xmas


“I want to leave a legacy behind that is bigger than myself. I want to create such a deep and powerful impact on not just the health and wellness industry, but help bring health and wellness to the masses.” – Xmas

AOL Makers: The Fitness Guru Who Knows a Thing or Two About Body Positivity

Do today what others won’t so you can do tomorrow what others can’t. – Xmas

Well + Good : 5 Morning Habits That Will Make You Feel Like A Badass!

 “Having a routine is imperative to success—we thrive off routine and structure.” – Xmas

US Weekly : Big Brother’s Christmas Reactions

“You’re going to go give it your all. It’s OK to be a beginner. It’s that kind of mindset that makes you a badass.” – Xmas

Harry TV Show : Could You Be A Sugarholic? With Christmas Abbott