July 11, 2017

Understanding Your Why


I realize that some of you haven’t been following me for very long and have missed some past pieces from my Newsletter that have really struck a chord with the Badass Body Community . I see no reason why you all should have to miss out! So, starting this week I’ll be implementing one post per week for the #FromTheVault series. These will be older posts that I’ve written that I find to be useful to look back on when I need a little kick in the butt. Hope you enjoy!

The FIRST one to surface from the vault?? Drum roll please….

Understanding Your “WHY”

Understanding your “why” for fitness will drastically increase the likelihood of you sticking with your goals, unlike the other resolution-ers who hang up their hats year after year. Most of us have had an experience where the New Year rolls around and we set a big fat goal. 

After a few months, that goal fizzles out and now we’ve suddenly become that person we hate, the person who stampedes the gym on Jan 2nd (wait a day for the hangover to subside), and then you never see them again.

If we don’t tap into “why” we are setting these goals, the chances of sticking them out until completion are slim to none. So maybe you want to make it the the Crossfit Games, maybe you want to get your mile down to 7 minutes, maybe you just want to be able to keep up with your kids, even your grandchildren – whatever your “why” is – figure it the fuck out. 

Your “why” leads your mind in the right direction. And the truth is, our minds are 100% what either leads us to reaching our fitness goals, or in the direction of that 1 time New Year resolution-er.

So, that fancy, divided tupperware you buy or the new lulu pants with a pocket for your phone won’t make a lick of difference if your MIND isn’t in check. Though it’s not pretty or sexy, and doesn’t look good in an Instagram selfie – your mind is what drives you – full force – towards SUCCESS.


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