May 29, 2018

Rise and Repeat

Trip. Stumble. Fall. Rise. Cry tears. Succumb to fears. Go through the bad years. Rise. The hate. The doubt. The naysayers. Rise. It didn’t happen today. It won’t happen tomorrow. And it may not happen soon. RiseSomeone lied. Someone cheated. Someone stole a piece of me. Rise. A failed vision. A failed plan. A failed try. RiseCould have done more. Could have done better. Could have kept going. Rise. Why didn’t I try? Why didn’t I do ____? Why did I quit? Rise.
At the end of every downfall there is an opportunity to rise, as long as you are willing to recognize and seize it. More times than not, you will be faced with an occasion to rise from, as opposed to having an equation to rise to. But know this: the occasions you rise from are ultimately what give you strength when there is an occasion to rise to, so embrace the process every chance you get, because it’s forging a path you won’t be able to see until you’re able to look back at it.
Remain in a state of rising to your top. Not THE top. YOUR top. The place that is the best for YOU. Teach yourself to rise from the little things, so you can train yourself to rise to the big things. That all starts with staying in motion. The first step after your last hit, that is where you start your next rise. Whether it’s simply a wrong turn, a bad decision, or even a success you could have put more of yourself into, keep rising, every time, and your next bottom could be the beginning of your next top. -CPT Ryan

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