July 18, 2017


I’m Done. I Quit. I Will.

I pledge to be done. Done with the worrying, the wondering, and caring about what other people think. I pledge to be done with the self-doubt, the self-sabotage, the self-consciousness, and the self-destruction. I pledge to be done selling myself short, selling my soul, and buying off on the belief that I don’t deserve success. And most of all, I pledge to be done with regret. Done with regretting my past, regretting my failures, regretting my missed opportunities, and allowing regret to shape my future, and run my life.
I pledge to quit. I quit the “everyday”. The monotonous “everyday”, which is plagued by comfort, free from challenge, and craving change. I pledge to quit giving life to my fears, to my enemies, and to the naysayers, by also pledging to quit believing; for their existence depends on solely upon my believing in them. And lastly, I pledge to quit quitting. I quit quitting on myself, my dreams, and those who believe in me, because to quit on them, is to quit on my legacy.
I pledge I will. I will not be stopped. I will not be swayed. I will not be denied. I will see my dreams through to the finish, and I will never avoid the first step to giving them their start. I will be absolutely unstoppable in my pursuit my very best. I will go through you if you hold me back, and I will bring you with me if you’re ready to go, but either way, I’m on my way. I will get there, hell or high water; for I am done with average, I have quit being scared, and I will absolutely leave my legacy…this is my pledge.

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