July 11, 2017


Another Monday, another chance to start your week off on the right foot!

So often, we are fearful of making a change in our lives (even if we are CERTAIN it is one for the better). Change is scary. We get so stuck in our daily routines that the thought of disrupting it scares the shit out of us. It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is – they all instill this weird, unexplainable sense of fear inside our own heads.

“Change. We fear it. We hate it. It makes us feel sick to our stomachs. It is the one thing that will rattle us with its utter distain for everything we know and have become comfortable with. It can be unpredictable, indiscriminant, and unwanted. It is always waiting in the winds, always out there, always wanting to cross our path. Above all else, however, it is undeniably necessary.

“Fight your fears and you’ll be in battle forever. Face your fears and you’ll be free forever.” – Lucas Jonkman. We can run from change, we can pretend it doesn’t exist, and hide behind the relative comfort of the way it has always been. But it will still be there, because it needs to happen, and it is going to happen. The more we run from it, ignore it, and fear it, the more power it will have over us. So why not face it head on? You will only effectively overcome change if you acknowledge its presence to begin with. It must stay at the forefront of your mind, and in the backbone of your planning.

If growth is a product of change over time, and time in the equation of life is an unknown variable; then to obtain the maximum levels of growth in this life, you must initiate the most amount of change in the least amount of time possible. So identify your change, visualize it, embrace it, and employ it. Once you stop seeing change as the enemy, and start embracing it as an opportunity, you will be free to grow into your full potential and you will control the battlefield of life.” -CPT Ryan


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