July 11, 2017


Live Your Passion

Passion scares us. It is an unbelievably raw emotion, which is powerful beyond measure when it is harnessed and released on the world. But it is not really the passion which we find unnerving, it is the incredible feeling of exposure that makes us shy away from acting on it.

So we sometimes hide our passions, because we feel insecure about the world seeing such intimate thoughts. We settle for what we think we should be, because it is easier than exposing a side of ourselves to someone who may criticize something so meaningful. But remember this; stifled passion inevitably becomes nagging regret.

Passion is the fire with which dreams are forged into reality. It will fuel you when you have nothing left to give. It will help you overcome pain, fear, and even failure. But the only way to tap into this resource is to give it life in the first place. Come to terms with what evokes passion inside you, and let it become a part of your identity. Wear it on your sleeve with pride, and defend it with every ounce of your being. This process will no doubt push you to limits you never thought possible, but if you can drive through it, and maintain your focus, your passion will take you to the finish line, leaving regret in the dust.

-CPT Ryan

Find out what ignites a fire in you & let it BURN!

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