July 11, 2017


Selfless Success

“You will not find gratification solely in your own successes. True gratification is found by uplifting others to new heights, while pushing yourself along the way.

Your greatest achievements will mean nothing if you reaped the benefits of them by yourself, or at the expense of others. They will evoke no emotion. Seek those moments where you can empower someone, and follow it through until they succeed.

Facilitating the success of others, while pursuing your own self-actualization, will provide you with some of the most intrinsic value life can provide. It is an addicting feeling when it happens, but requires enough self-confidence to place the needs of others over that of your own. The gratification from the experience will provide you with the motivation to blast through your own preconceived limitations, creating a cycle which will allow you and your partner, team, or business, to grow together into something you can truly be proud of.” – CPT Ryan

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