July 11, 2017


The Power Of One

We are one. We are one person, one heart, one soul. We are one life, one story, one chapter per phase, written one page at a time. We are one dream from a goal, one failure from success, and one success from our dream. We are one thing one day, and another the next, because we are anything but one dimensional. We are one of many, but we are also one in a million. And we have one chance at life, to take a million chances in life, to make the most of this life.

We are one person, capable of changing one world. Not THE world, but ONE world. This earth is made up of as many worlds as there are people, and that means everywhere you go, you are walking into someone else’s world, reality, or realm, with the power to change it for an eternity. The question is, are you the one who is unafraid of the status quo, the norm, and the way it’s always been? Are you the one willing to put the weight of a world on your shoulders, and to be held responsible for its rise or fall? And are you the one who can fearlessly chase a legacy defined by character, and emboldened by compassion?

You are the one. You are the one who can decide to change one world, one life, one story, and one chapter at a time, by bringing out the best of every world you touch along the way to your dream. You are the one who can alter the course of history with effort, vision, and compassion for others. You are the one who can fight, sacrifice, and grind, so that others may thrive, succeed, and achieve. And you are the one who, despite all of your own accomplishments, will be remembered less for what you accomplished in your world, and more for what you brought to others. So be the one, because we are all one. – CPT Ryan


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