July 11, 2017


Back Forward

There was no doubt a time in your life where nothing mattered other than what made you happy. It was a place where dreams were inches from reality, opinions were irrelevant, and life was simple. It was a time where you felt as though your whole life was ahead of you, and it was not just a¬†possibility for it to be full of adventure, achievement, and fulfillment…it was a certainty. And it was a way of life devoid of negativity, full of creativity, and overflowing with a healthy hypothetical outlook, which filled¬†you with an overwhelming sense of purpose.

For some of us, as time goes on we start to lose that flare for the improbable, and our world becomes infested with the impossible. It’s been proven that as we age, we seemingly lose our ability to think abstractly. But do we really lose it? Or is it just that we somehow allow it to be suppressed? Suppressed by a disease known as “logic”. Suppressed by our own self-doubt. Suppressed by the opinions of others. And suppressed by our failings and shortcomings, which we needlessly give eternal life to as a reminder of why we simply “shouldn’t”.
Just. Go. Back. Go back! Go back to that place where your imagination and ambition ran hand in hand. Go back to that place where you could craft your own reality, defy impossibility, and ignore negativity. Go back to that world where passion overruled logic, you didn’t get bogged down by the details, and you moved with a supreme confidence that your future was a direct result of what you intended it to be. That person is still alive and well within you. They never left, they never died. They just need you to come back, so you can both move forward. – CPT Ryan

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