July 11, 2017


The Fight is On

We all have a tendency to fight ourselves right out of opportunity, achievement, and fulfillment. We become transfixed with the idea that who we really are is not at all who we should be, and that person starts to repulse us. We think that person is lackluster, boring, awkward, and weird. We start to wonder how anyone would like them for who they are, or what anyone could possibly see in them, or how there’s any way they could achieve success.

So we adjust, we reformat, and we cover up the person we think is dragging us down. We start to model ourselves in the image of someone else, and begin to slowly fabricate a façade. We find ourselves suddenly sacrificing our values, devaluing relationships, and losing our identity to a passionless rat race. All of this in an attempt to give life to this new person we have created out of a place of insecurity, only to find it was actually nothing we ever wanted.

We are all comprised of two people; who we are, and who we pretend to be. The fight between the two will rage on forever, unless you are willing to see that you will only start moving forward when you are willing to fight harder for who you are, than who you aren’t. You may not be where you want, you may not have developed the skills you need yet, you may want to kick some bad habits; but the core of who you are, that place where your passions burn, your values are conceived, and your very being live, that place doesn’t need change…that place needs power. So fight for its life, so you can truly start to live yours. – CPT Ryan


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