July 11, 2017


Empower Your Power

You are powerful beyond belief. You are powerful beyond your own belief, and more importantly you are powerful beyond the belief of others. You are so powerful you can guide the future, adapt from the past, and mold the present. You have the power to create reality from thought, and to change reality through action. Your power can even extend beyond your own life, and empower someone else’s, who will undoubtedly go on to empower the life of another, and another, and so on, effectively changing the course of history.

Your mere existence is a miracle which required, at a minimum, the innate and instinctual will to live and survive against all odds. So don’t tell me you can’t fight anymore, you can’t push any harder, or that you have lost belief in yourself and your purpose. Don’t tell me you are being held back by someone else’s lack of belief in you, or that they are holding you back from chasing your dream. And definitely don’t tell me you are powerless to exert your will over your environment, over your reality, your naysayers, or shortcomings. It’s simply not true, because you were born to overcome so much more.

You woke up this morning, which is proof positive that your will to survive is fully intact. We aren’t given much in this life, but the one thing we are given is the power to guide it, survive it, and act upon it. You have lived to fight another day on purpose, because there are still goals you haven’t reached, limits you haven’t pushed, lives you haven’t touched, and haters you haven’t silenced. Empower your power by believing in its existence. Raise it from its dormancy, and let it breath into all that you do. Fuel it with adversity, grow it through accomplishment, and let it live long after your gone by imparting it on to the world while you’re here. But it all has to start with you…believe it or not.


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