July 11, 2017


This week – take pride in making other’s uncomfortable with your out-of-this-world dreams! All my life, people would laugh at me when I told them my hopes & dreams. I told people I wanted to start a body-weight bootcamp in a park in little ole’ Raleigh….they laughed. I told people I wanted to open my own business…they laughed. I told people I wanted to go to the CrossFit Games…they laughed. I told people I wanted to change lives through fitness…and still…they laughed. This week I challenge you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

Uncommon Sense

“Passion should always trump common sense.” -Robert Di Nero

Your vision, what drives you, what keeps you awake at night, may not always make sense to anybody but you. The challenge is recognizing not only is that normal, but that it doesn’t matter.

True passion makes onlookers uncomfortable because it makes them feel guilty for not having the courage to take charge of their life and realize their own self-worth. Don’t let them dissuade you.

Doing things by the book is great until someone dares to write a new one. Don’t be afraid to be the author of the next great success story, and embrace the naysayers lining up to buy it.


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