July 11, 2017


Principle Over Profession

Today’s world is consumed with data. Statistics, percentages, trends, numbers, cost, profit, and all the analysis and armchair quarterbacks you can handle. In the midst of all the data, as you chase the administrative success we can often be measured by, it can become easy to lose sight of what real success is. When you start chasing the profession over your own principles, you are actually sacrificing the fabric of who you are, and what you believe, for success as defined by somebody else’s bottom line.

You define your own success, and it should be so much more than just an equation. The numbers will take care of themselves when you are ready and willing to sacrifice success as someone else may see it, in order to stay true to what you believe. The world won’t remember the bean counters, the clock watchers, and the statisticians, but it will most definitely remember those who chose to be guided by values, defined by character, and fueled by the higher purpose of developing others beyond their perceived limitations.

Administrative success is as fleeting as it is unfulfilling. True success, the kind that leaves people, places, and things better for having been in its presence, and personified by the brave few who are willing to live up to their own principles, is everlasting. Be more than someone’s pawn. Evoke fear in those attempting to sway you from your principles, and instill trust and admiration in those who can see you are fighting for an ideal whose scope goes far beyond a pie chart. Time will forget your profession, but your principles will transcend time, so define them, defend them, and display them, and create your success under your own unit of measure. – CPT Ryan


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