July 11, 2017


The Symptoms of Success

Tired. You will be tired. Mind numbingly tired. Late nights, early mornings, punctuated by tossing and turning while your racing mind remembers what it forgot, and creates what you have yet to see. You will be grumpy, cranky, irritable, and hot tempered sometimes. You will be frustrated beyond belief, almost beyond your own personal beliefs. You will be brought to the brink of quitting…regularly. You will obsess, you will overwork, and you will burn out. You will hate it and you will love it all at once, but either way, it will be done with fire and passion.

You will fail. A lot. Like..a lot a lot. You will make small missteps, and you will crash and burn. You will be told it’s not for you, you’re not good enough, and that you’re messing up. You will feel like you’re on the wrong path, you will constantly question yourself, and you will inevitably let the opinions of others chip away at the very fabric of your conscious and your confidence. You will hear “No” more times than you care to count or remember. No you can’t, no you won’t, no this is the way we’ve always done it, and no thanks.

And that’s how you will know. This is success. This is progress. This is development. Success is one of life’s greatest enigmas, because its symptoms are the complete antithesis of what they are perceived to be. If you’re not restless, tired, irritable, failing, questioning yourself, and hearing “No” at almost every turn, then odds are, you’re probably not venturing down the path to success. The symptoms of success are notoriously unsuccessful. Find comfort in these symptoms, because it is through those symptoms that an unrelenting perseverance will be honed, a passion will be forged, a purpose built, and a legacy left, and it will always be worth it, every…single…time. – CPT Ryan


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