July 11, 2017


For Your Validation

What is it about validation that consumes so much of what we decide to do, or not to do, in our lives? How does it penetrate our subconscious on an almost primordial level, causing us to sometimes crave it more than our own goals and dreams? It is an uneasy feeling that can come with the realization that there is no existing blueprint for life and that you are the one calling the shots, albeit from the seat of your pants. From this uneasiness, the need for validation, acceptance, and even permission, are born into your everyday psyche, stifling the very fabric of who you are.

Validate yourself by accepting the fact you don’t need permission to be yourself, chase your own dreams, or set your own goals. Searching for the validation of others, all while dismissing your own, will only cause you to see your success through their unqualified lenses. Achieving success in their eyes will leave you unfulfilled, and success in your eyes will feel like failure without their support. This vicious cycle of nonfulfillment and perceived failure can only result in the toxic depreciation of your own self-worth.

Stop delaying your growth, debilitating your dreams, and depreciating your worth while you wait on somebody else to tell you you’re okay. The only person you need the green light from is you. Yes, you’re going to need support, help, and constructive criticism along the way, but those are enablers to your momentum. Your success is based on your seat of the pants version of what gives you fulfillment and purpose. It may not be perfect, it may be far-fetched, and it probably won’t make complete sense, but the only way you will ever validate your own blueprint is to get started, while leaving your need for validation at the drawing table.


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