July 11, 2017


Excuses vs. Challenges

There will always be an out. There will always be some reason why you can’t, more than enough evidence to prove why you shouldn’t, and plenty of justification as to why you won’t. The case will be presented as clear and convincing, and beyond a shadow of a doubt. Where you’re from, who your parents are, physical and intellectual obstacles or limitations, your income, your past, and your failures, will all be entered into evidence in order to show why they should be deemed excuses as opposed to challenges you can overcome through passionate intestinal fortitude.

Life, family, friends, and your mind, will always give you an out. There will always be more reasons to make it an excuse than there will be to make it a challenge, which will all conspire to create a persuasive case aimed at empowering your excuse. But just as they can empower your excuse, they can also channel your challenge, foster your focus, and determine your drive if you are willing to harness the value in success through adversity.

In the courtroom of life, you are the judge, jury, and executioner, presiding over the case of Excuses V. Challenges. Except in this courtroom, your future is on trial. There will be far more arguments made in defense of labeling all of your adversity as an excuse, but the true adversity lies in proving why those excuses are nothing more than challenges waiting to become the hallmarks of your successes. Defy the odds by defining the odds, and decide to reject the excuses in favor of accepting the challenges without any further objection, because if you don’t, this case will never be adjourned. – CPT Ryan


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