July 11, 2017


Lead Your Life

There is management, and there is leadership. There are levels and variations of the two, but they all eventually boil down to one or the other at some point. Management is all about status quo; nothing more, nothing less. It hides behind policy, procedure, and routine. It is all output, with no input. There is no room for growth, no chance for change, and development is out of the question. Leadership, however, challenges the status quo. It gallantly displays passion, purpose, and the unprecedented. It is all about inspiring output through constant input with limitless room for growth, an insatiable hunger for change, and a drive for development.
As much as it may seem the principles of management and leadership apply only to bosses and subordinates, it actually starts with you and your life. If you feel stagnant, if you aren’t reaching your goals, if you are getting passed by your peers; you need to ask yourself if you are managing your life, or if are you leading your life. Are you waking up, mindlessly going through the motions, and getting the same result at the end of each day with little, to no, fulfillment? If so, it’s time to move from middle management, to CEO of your life so you can start making moves “Like a Boss.”

Become the leader your life deserves. Lead your own personal research and development, craving inspiration and input from anything and anyone. Be your own recruiter, surrounding yourself with the best and brightest who share your fire for self-development. Create your own brand, establishing your vision and your values you want to be defined by. Spearhead your own marketing, which will convey to the world who you are and why you deserve to be here. Once you have established you can lead your own life, you will find yourself prepared and empowered to lead and inspire others to embark on the same journey, because that’s really what leadership is all about. – CPT Ryan

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