July 11, 2017


Starting Point

Point B. You want to get there from Point A as fast as you can. You see Point B as clear as day, and you know you have what it takes to make it your new reality. It’s on your mind day and night, it comes to life every time you close your eyes, and you want nothing more than to set off on your journey before it’s too late. Although having the audacity to tell the world where you intend to go is a key step in the progression of the grind, you will need to fully understand your Point A if you are ever going to have a chance to realize your Point B.

For as uncomfortable as Point B can make us, Point A may be even more unnerving. Point A is a cold, hard, brutally honest depiction of who you are in this moment, and what has occurred in order to get you here. It is what lies behind the façade we sometimes create around our image, which can consist of justification, conformity, and excuses. Point A can even become so intimidating, there will sometimes be a temptation to chase Point B just to avoid dealing with Point A altogether.

Chase Point B, but embrace Point A. Identifying where you are truly starting from is the only way to accurately map your accent to your goals, otherwise, every success and every failure will eventually lead you to miss your mark because they were experienced under false pretenses. So identify who you are, what you are, where you are, and why or how you got here. Don’t accept it, but identify it; then go out and rectify it with a clear and concise plan rooted in an honest depiction of what you need to do in order to relentlessly traverse the road less travelled. – CPT Ryan


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