July 11, 2017


This week’s Monday Motivational piece presented by CPT Ryan focuses on reaching your goals. Often times, we think of success or our personal goals as a linear process. We seek to get from point A to point B with the least resistance possible. However, this is typically not the case. In fact, most of the times – our path’s towards our goals are filled with nasty twists & turns that could “throw you off”. If we are prepared to not only face these obstacles head on, but to embrace them for all they’re worth – we can remain on our path towards success & get their FASTER!

Coloring Outside The Lines

“Force yourself to see outside your goals, and find value in those challenges which seem to detract from your focus. Realize that to achieve success, many times you will have to stray from the plan.

The accomplishment of a goal is not the result of a linear path. Goals are accomplished when you have persevered through all of the things outside the lines, which give you the opportunity to pursue your dream.

Success comes to those who wait. Not to those who wait to take action, but to those who grind through the distractions and the obstacles and wait for their moment to shine.” – CPT Ryan


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