July 11, 2017


Audacity of the Grind

Audacity is the central ingredient to success which will empower every facet of your character to pursue greatness. It is the spark to the idea which will allow you to manifest a thought into a vision. It sets the bar high, forces you to exit your comfort zone, and demands you put up or shut up. When used properly, it allows you to tell the world what it is you really want, setting into motion the law of attraction, and creating opportunity out of aspiration.
Audacity is boldly acting upon something that typically goes against previously accepted social norms. By definition it implies you will face adversity and naysayers, which usually goes hand in hand with achieving success. It is not just boisterous words and an arrogant demeanor, it is an absolute, outright, and unconditional belief in something the rest of the world may not yet see. It is work while others play, it is the grind while others whine, and it is sweat while others sleep. It is the whole package, not just the prediction.
Your grind and your job may not always be synonymous, however. More likely than not, your job will fall into a socially acceptable norm. But your grind is where audacity lives. Your grind falls outside of the normal day-to-day, nine-to-five, which is occupied by average. It is that place where people stop feeling comfortable and start becoming pessimistic, but remember that the grind will always be audacious, and audacity will always be a grind. So breathe life into your grind by fueling it with an audacious vision, a resolute purpose, and a decisive drive, and create your new reality out of relentlessness. – CPT Ryan

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