July 11, 2017


Wear Your Weakness

“It’s more important to know your weaknesses than your strengths.” – Ray Lee Hunt
Acceptance and avoidance of your weaknesses are two means to the same end. By simply accepting your weaknesses as they are, you begin creating a self-fulfilling prophecy which will only gain momentum over time, and eventually snowball into an identity you feel you can’t escape. Conversely, avoiding your weaknesses will simply create cracks in your foundation, and as pressure builds over time, everything will eventually collapse, causing a greater detriment to your psyche than just addressing your weaknesses ever could.

Achievements are formed by goals, and goals are the products of refining weaknesses. Just as the only way to achieve a goal is to identify exactly what the goal is and formulating a plan, the only way to defeat a weakness is to expose exactly what the weakness is and formulating a goal. True strength lies within your ability to accurately and honestly assess your weaknesses, coupled with the willingness to learn, and a propensity for change.

Have the confidence to wear your weaknesses on your sleeve without hiding behind them, or being defined by them. Your weaknesses are just that…YOURS. They are not going anywhere, and they will be yours to bear until you muster up the courage to own them, and deal with them. Face them head on and defeat them in countless repetitions, fueled by your hunger to never land back at square one. Extinguishing your weakness starts with a single step into the fire with the expectation of getting burnt; so jump in now and stave off the blaze of infernal regret.- CPT Ryan


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