July 11, 2017


It’s Not a Trap

Sometimes the world has us trapped. Sometimes it has us backed into a corner, and no matter how badly we want to get out of it, it just seems like there is nothing we can do but accept it and hope for change. Sometimes the world traps you in a job you don’t like, surrounded by people you can’t stand, leaving you barely enough time to take care of yourself, or things you truly care about. And sometimes the world just traps you in the veritable comfort of stable mediocrity, making it seemingly impossible to trade known security for a vulnerable unknown.

The trap has not been set by the world however. In all actuality, the trap can only be set by your mind, causing you to believe a set of circumstances is greater than your character, ambition, and grit. You are never truly trapped unless you have chosen to be by living a lifestyle of submission to the belief you don’t deserve something better, and prescribing to a habit of hopelessness.

Kick the habit of condoning what you don’t want, and start commanding what you truly desire. Force your mind to wage an unrelenting assault on the illusion of everlasting psychological imprisonment, because that’s all it is – an illusion, caused by fear, anxiety, and a lack of self-respect. Start making a commitment to yourself, to your change, and to the standards by which you want to live, and call your mind on its bluff. -CPT Ryan


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