July 11, 2017


Don’t Believe the Hype

“Create the hype, but don’t ever believe it.” – Simon Cowell.
A huge part of chasing your dream is truly believing in your brand, your values, and your purpose. In order to do that, you obviously must be willing and able to passionately speak to your mission with a clear and concise vision, coupled with a whole hearted belief in your plan. But there is a fine line between promotion and propaganda.
Achievement is built upon hunger, and hunger is conceived in humility. The moment you start believing you deserve something from the world based upon the perceived hype of your previous accomplishments, is the very moment you start to sacrifice your will to succeed for the intoxication of your ego. Don’t fall prey to your own highlight reel, as it will only create the illusion of infallible greatness. Instead, focus on the climb, where no success is perfect, and failure is equally valuable in your summit-less ascent to the top.
Make humility the foundation of your hustle, the essence of your hype, and the answer to your highlight reel. Fight the stagnation of self-admiration with a steady self-confidence, which is open to change, criticism, and self-growth. Build your personal brand on your own authentic values which focus less on the past, and more on the product, allowing you boldly show the world what you can bring to the table right now, with a body of work which can speak for itself. – CPT Ryan

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