July 11, 2017


Leave Your Legacy

Who will talk about you when you’re gone? What qualities have you displayed, day in and day out, during your grind which have not only brought you closer to your goals and aspirations, but also left a lasting impression on someone else, eternally and internally changing them? And when people speak about you, do they just talk about your accomplishments, or more so about how your accomplishments were a byproduct of your incomparable character?

Your legacy is an opportunity to exponentially change the world. It is the only piece of you which can transcend life and death, and is impervious to the perils of time. It is more powerful than a single act, accomplishment, or deed, as it is the average sum of how you lived your life. It is found in the hours, minutes, and seconds outside of the spotlight, where the grind truly happens.

There is one thing your legacy isn’t, however, and that is irrecoverable. It can change at any moment, and that change can start right now. Your legacy is a decision to act upon a vision created by a passion relentlessly pursued over time. Don’t let your past successes and failures govern your legacy, and stop worrying about the accomplishments. Worry about the work. Seek out those unseen pockets of time where the grind lives, and start each day as though how you live it will define your legacy, because in all actuality, it will. – CPT Ryan

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