July 11, 2017

Getting Back After a Setback


Earlier this year I hit more than just a speed bump, I hit a full on roadblock. I trained my ass off day and night. I worked relentlessly to ensure I was fully prepared for the American Open. If you’ve been following my Snapchat, we all know what happened there. Many tears, many disappointments, and a nasty shoulder injury. After the AO I was advised to take a break from training to allow my shoulder to heal. This was truly devastating and stressful for me to accept.

Christmas Abbott American OpenChristmas Abbott American Open

So, rather than letting all of my hard efforts go to waste, I decided to refocus my energy towards other productive goals.

I found a way to make the best of my experience and capitalize on my injury to work on other aspirations I had previously let take a back seat. 

It can be really discouraging when you’re injured, in a funk, or just not motivated for whatever reason. It’s up to you to keep consistent with your work and efforts. Life can be challenging and man can it throw you curve balls! It’s how we step up to the plate time and time again that define our success. 

I encourage all of you who may be experiencing a setback at this very moment to acknowledge it, release the blame from yourself, and set NEW goals. No one is immune to setbacks unfortunately. So if life so gently thrusts one upon you, the first step is acknowledgement. No matter how hard we fight it, there’s no putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the setback. We are capable of doing amazing things – and even more if we GROW through our challenges!

Stay Relentless,



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