July 11, 2017


Why You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals

So many of my clients, fans, friends, even family ask me why they aren’t meeting their goals. They claim they are doing everything right to get there….whether it’s working their ass off in the gym & eating right to lose weight or staying late night at the office to earn a promotion – they claim they are doing it all.

For some time, I had doubted these people. I thought to myself, they must be embellishing all their hard work, because there’s no way they shouldn’t have reached their goal by now. However, after some deep-diving, I found that there was a significant flaw in their process.

The act of goal setting in itself is CRUCIAL to your success in reaching those goals. If you set goals from a negative connotation, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In other words, be kind to yourself – rather than thinking “oh god I’m so fat” after eating too much junk food, think “I want to start eating more mindfully”. When we make plans to CHANGE from a low point, we set unkind goals for ourselves and are unlikely to achieve them.

This week try setting a goal for yourself from a POSITIVE state of mind. Instead of focusing on all the things you do wrong, think of what you could be doing better 🙂


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