July 11, 2017

Embrace Your Body

Body Image

I saw this article awhile ago and wanted to give my dirty two cents on the subject….so here’s the article first: How CrossFit is teaching women to love their curves

Before I started CF I was a mere 100 pounds (barely) and CrossFit has indeed put some size on me. Lifting weights regularly and training like an animal has put raw strength on me and has absolutely changed my physique for the better. If you think it won’t, you aren’t doing it right. And if you think you will immediately turn into a bulky female with a “male-ish” figure, you REALLY aren’t doing it right.

Here’s the catch.

I love my strong body! Yet, at times, I still get self-conscious.

For example, when I am in a strapless short dress with my arm pipes locked and loaded and on display for all to see. Walking into a restaurant like this is no easy feat. and I am 100% sure SOMEONE will always have a comment to say.  In the box, I’m “safe” among other women that are ohhhhing and ahhhhing over my chiseled body. Outside of the box its unknown what people’s reactions will be.

But why do I care? Ultimately I don’t…but ultimately I do…wait…huh??? As women, we always want to be accepted in whatever group or community we live, play or work in. This is natural and this includes circles outside of the box and CrossFit. To be perfectly honest, I am very aware of people staring at my body when I’m the only buff girl around. I know it shouldn’t bother me but I’m human and have humanistic thoughts. So, I do what any true fitness enthusiast would do and make sure I smile at the onlooker and feel proud that my hard work has warranted some attention. I turn a potential insecurity into a positive and run with it. This usually results in questions on my fitness regiment and diet which I am always happy to talk about!

Bottom line ladies…embrace your beautiful body in all the shapes and colors it presents. You only get one in this lifetime so why hide it behind clothes that don’t fit because you’ll be the only “fit girl” there? You worked damn hard for those beautiful muscles so show ’em off and take the opportunity of the inquiry to talk about your story, your path, your regimen….Who knows? You might have just inspired someone to make a change for the better for themselves!

Easier said than done? Give it a TRY and see how many people want to talk to you about your eating habits or fitness routine.

Stay Relentless,



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