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July 11, 2017


Excuses vs. Challenges

There will always be an out. There will always be some reason why you can’t, more than enough evidence to prove why you shouldn’t, and plenty of justification as to why you won’t. The case will be presented as clear and convincing, and beyond a shadow of a doubt. Where you’re from, who your parents are, physical and intellectual obstacles or limitations, your income, your past, and your failures, will all be entered into evidence in order to show why they should be deemed excuses as opposed to challenges you can overcome through passionate intestinal fortitude.

Life, family, friends, and your mind, will always give you an out. There will always be more reasons to make it an excuse than there will be to make it a challenge, which will all conspire to create a persuasive case aimed at empowering your excuse. But just as they can empower your excuse, they can also channel your challenge, foster your focus, and determine your drive if you are willing to harness the value in success through adversity.

In the courtroom of life, you are the judge, jury, and executioner, presiding over the case of Excuses V. Challenges. Except in this courtroom, your future is on trial. There will be far more arguments made in defense of labeling all of your adversity as an excuse, but the true adversity lies in proving why those excuses are nothing more than challenges waiting to become the hallmarks of your successes. Defy the odds by defining the odds, and decide to reject the excuses in favor of accepting the challenges without any further objection, because if you don’t, this case will never be adjourned. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Lead Your Life

There is management, and there is leadership. There are levels and variations of the two, but they all eventually boil down to one or the other at some point. Management is all about status quo; nothing more, nothing less. It hides behind policy, procedure, and routine. It is all output, with no input. There is no room for growth, no chance for change, and development is out of the question. Leadership, however, challenges the status quo. It gallantly displays passion, purpose, and the unprecedented. It is all about inspiring output through constant input with limitless room for growth, an insatiable hunger for change, and a drive for development.
As much as it may seem the principles of management and leadership apply only to bosses and subordinates, it actually starts with you and your life. If you feel stagnant, if you aren’t reaching your goals, if you are getting passed by your peers; you need to ask yourself if you are managing your life, or if are you leading your life. Are you waking up, mindlessly going through the motions, and getting the same result at the end of each day with little, to no, fulfillment? If so, it’s time to move from middle management, to CEO of your life so you can start making moves “Like a Boss.”

Become the leader your life deserves. Lead your own personal research and development, craving inspiration and input from anything and anyone. Be your own recruiter, surrounding yourself with the best and brightest who share your fire for self-development. Create your own brand, establishing your vision and your values you want to be defined by. Spearhead your own marketing, which will convey to the world who you are and why you deserve to be here. Once you have established you can lead your own life, you will find yourself prepared and empowered to lead and inspire others to embark on the same journey, because that’s really what leadership is all about. – CPT Ryan
July 11, 2017


Crutch Fall

We have all fallen. We will all fall again. And when we get up…we will fall countless more times if we are truly chasing the best version of ourselves. Life is a continuous progression of falling, but only you can decide whether to keep falling towards your dreams, or to stop falling in favor of comfort. Sometimes we take such a gnarly spill, it causes a stress aversion, which morphs into a crutch we continuously reference in order to avoid feeling the burn of the crash landing over again.

Every summit is the product of a thousand falls, some worse than others, but none irrecoverable. By allowing one fall to consume you, define you, and stifle you, you are inevitably creating a “Crutch Fall” by which every missed opportunity is justified, every chance at redemption is averted, and any semblance of unstable ground or treacherous terrain are circumvented with phrases like “I could have…” or “I would, but…”.

Cast the crutches of falls gone-by aside, and start seeing them as a necessary part of the process. It may seem as though your whole world just came crashing to the ground with you, and you are pinned beneath the rubble of unintended consequences; but the permanence of your new reality is based upon how quickly you are willing to take those first redeeming steps towards recovery with a renewed perspective. By focusing on the next step instead of the misstep, you will free yourself to enter the grind, uninhibited by the fear of the fall, and ready to take on the next one. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Just Say Yes

For most of us, ever since grade school we have heard the mantra “Just say no.” Although well intentioned, this phrase has a tendency to creep into other parts of our lives. Over time, the word “No” becomes associated with calculated decision making, smart life choices, and sound planning. While this may be true for some things, challenge and opportunity should never fall into that wheelhouse. “No”, in all its forms, can have the ability to morph into a diversionary pause button, robbing you of the chance to rise to the occasion throughout your life.

Think back to the chances and opportunities you have shied away from in the past all in the name of caution. Whether you said “No” because you felt it was too risky, or that maybe you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or physically fit enough, realize that justification is formulated in fiction. The fact of the matter is, those “No’s” are based in theory, which then cause the reality of stagnation, or worse yet, regret. While saying “Yes” may result in failure, failure is far more productive than a “No” resulting in a “What if?”

Start saying “Yes” to the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. Say “Yes” to stuff that is different, hard, random, and challenging. Say it when it flat out scares you, and even when it seems the probability of failure may outweigh the probability of success. The self-development will still be worth the grind. The road to success is paved by rising to the occasion, and rising to the occasion starts by placing your back against the wall and saying “Yes” to the challenge, adversity, or even the chaos. So “Just say yes”, and start showing the world, or more importantly, yourself, that you are game for it anytime, anyplace, because win, lose, or draw, you are going to kill the “What if’s” one “Yes” at a time. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Starting Point

Point B. You want to get there from Point A as fast as you can. You see Point B as clear as day, and you know you have what it takes to make it your new reality. It’s on your mind day and night, it comes to life every time you close your eyes, and you want nothing more than to set off on your journey before it’s too late. Although having the audacity to tell the world where you intend to go is a key step in the progression of the grind, you will need to fully understand your Point A if you are ever going to have a chance to realize your Point B.

For as uncomfortable as Point B can make us, Point A may be even more unnerving. Point A is a cold, hard, brutally honest depiction of who you are in this moment, and what has occurred in order to get you here. It is what lies behind the façade we sometimes create around our image, which can consist of justification, conformity, and excuses. Point A can even become so intimidating, there will sometimes be a temptation to chase Point B just to avoid dealing with Point A altogether.

Chase Point B, but embrace Point A. Identifying where you are truly starting from is the only way to accurately map your accent to your goals, otherwise, every success and every failure will eventually lead you to miss your mark because they were experienced under false pretenses. So identify who you are, what you are, where you are, and why or how you got here. Don’t accept it, but identify it; then go out and rectify it with a clear and concise plan rooted in an honest depiction of what you need to do in order to relentlessly traverse the road less travelled. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Why You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals

So many of my clients, fans, friends, even family ask me why they aren’t meeting their goals. They claim they are doing everything right to get there….whether it’s working their ass off in the gym & eating right to lose weight or staying late night at the office to earn a promotion – they claim they are doing it all.

For some time, I had doubted these people. I thought to myself, they must be embellishing all their hard work, because there’s no way they shouldn’t have reached their goal by now. However, after some deep-diving, I found that there was a significant flaw in their process.

The act of goal setting in itself is CRUCIAL to your success in reaching those goals. If you set goals from a negative connotation, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In other words, be kind to yourself – rather than thinking “oh god I’m so fat” after eating too much junk food, think “I want to start eating more mindfully”. When we make plans to CHANGE from a low point, we set unkind goals for ourselves and are unlikely to achieve them.

This week try setting a goal for yourself from a POSITIVE state of mind. Instead of focusing on all the things you do wrong, think of what you could be doing better 🙂

July 11, 2017


Plan Accordingly

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy,” as Helmuth von Moltke once noted. Or more simply, “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth,” as Mike Tyson eloquently put it.  Either way, your success in life hinges not only upon your meticulous planning, preparation, and previous accomplishments, but also your indomitable will, fortitude, and sacrifice.

Sometimes we get so involved in our goal, preparing to reach it, and planning how to get there, we forget to account for the fact we will inevitably get punched in the mouth along the way. An idea or a goal will get you to the doorway. A plan, some talent, and a little luck will get your foot in the door. And a clear passionate vision of your desired end state, coupled with hard work, preparedness, and resolute tenacity is what kicks the door off the hinges and makes the room yours, regardless of how many punches to the mouth you take on the way in.

Plan for failure, not for perfection. Planning for perfection will only lead to debilitating failure at the first sight of adversity, and adversity will disguise itself as failure only to those whom have not dared to persevere it. If you are truly pushing yourself to your maximum potential, you will undoubtedly take hits along the way. These moments of adversity will eventually become routine, thus inoculating you to the sting of the punch over time, allowing you to move with a thick skinned confidence in pursuit of your goals, with pride in the battle scars you earned in the fight. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Figure It The Fuck Out

Here are the Agency, I often use the term FIFO. It stands for (excuse my language) “Figure It the Fuck Out.” Some of you may find this to be incredibly harsh, but let me explain my thought process…

Any one of us can ask a question and have it answered, right? 9 times out of 10, if one of my employees, friends, coaches, doesn’t know something, I or another coach, friend, or employee does. Rather than simply GIVING them the answer – I tell them to FIFO.

Figuring things out on your own takes time. It takes self-motivation and an eagerness to learn. Figuring it the fuck out drives growth and development.

If we constantly spoon feed each other the information, never forcing one another to go out into the world and find the answer, we never truly reach our full potential. I mean, isn’t this the whole point of Google? The resources are out there!

If you discover the answer to a question yourself, if you go through the process of this discovery, the outcome will be so much greater both internally and externally than if you were just told the answer. Learning never stops people!

July 11, 2017

Travel Essentials

Most people absolutely dread traveling. They get anxious about airports, lines, traffic, seats, getting sick, timing, delays, etc.

ME? Over the years I like to think I’ve become a travel guru. I’ve got my routine narrowed down to the bare essentials & rarely have trouble because that sense of anxiety is no longer with me.

Here’s a few of my MUST-HAVE travel items :

  1. Travel Aid – The TRAVELAID Immunity blend from LifeAid Beverage Co. delivers key vitamins & nutrients to help boost your immune system when you need it most. Vitamins A, C, and D, as well as Zinc, Echinachea, Astragalus & Valerian Root promote wellness & immune support. Chamomile & Lemon Balm help relax nerves while Ginger Root helps reduce stomach nausea. TRAVELAID
  2. Rodan + Fields Travel Packets – These convenient, single-use Micro-dermabrasion paste packets are a LIFE-SAVOR! Immediately after using, your skin will feel silky smooth and clear of dirt & grime. Once I hop off the plane, my immediate stop is to wash my face with one of these bad boys! R+F
  3. Sweat Stick – The Sweat Cosmetics twist brush + mineral foundation is super lightweight & withstands just about anything. The compactness of the brush makes it super easy to travel with and an easy touch-me-up in seconds with a quick twist! Sweat Cosmetics
  4. 2XU Recovery Tights – My 2XU recovery tights have been a game-changer while traveling! Not only are they light-weight, so you don’t have the dreaded “swamp-ass”, BUT, they’ve got super-secret stamping technology that helps direct blood flow to your leg muscles (aka no swollen cank-les!) 2XU Tights

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, world domination (you name it), we all leave our nests eventually. Either for a quick trip a few states over or perhaps half-way across the country, a few things remain unchanged…

  1. If you work out at a gym/box, you suddenly may not have access to your precious equipment.
  2. If you usually prepare your own meals, suddenly you don’t have a kitchen, fridge, tupperware, etc.
  3. If you’re used to a good nights sleep, suddenly you are in a new time zone/not your own bed 🙁

Luckily, these items can be combated with a few tips & tricks. The key to traveling is to try to stay as close to your normal routine as possible & when you just simply can’t, figure it the fuck out!

Use your travel time to introduce NEW training/exercises to your routines. If you generally smash heavy weights, your body could probably use a good jog or long session of stretching & lengthening the muscles. Instead of looking at your trip as an excuse to not workout whatsoever, try something different!

If you’re driving to your destination, good for you, you can put a little extra effort in on the front-end & have all your meals packed & ready to go! If you’re flying, unfortunately TSA is not a fan of our incessant tupperwares & smelly broccoli 🙂 In this case, it’s important for you to stay extremely hydrated – the salt/preservatives you’ll find in airport/plane food is excessive and can cause you to feel extremely bloated. Once you reach your destination, try to find a local market where you can grab some fresh fruit & veggies, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal and some peanut butter for your stay.

Though I don’t have a magic secret for beating a time-zone change, I can say that drinking plenty of water + meditating have done wonders for helping me to feel rested & adjust to new surroundings. Take at least 10 minutes each night to mediate before bed. Bonus: If possible, bring a mini bottle of lavender oil with you & place a few droplets in your pillows – this will help relax you after a long day of traveling & help you to fall asleep faster.

July 11, 2017


A Letter To The Team

Dear Haters. We see you, we hear you, and we know you. We know you don’t really mean what you say. We know what you say is really a cry for help with your insecurities. We know our self-confidence, our plan, our grind, and our purpose make you uncomfortable. We know all you are trying to say is you wish you had the courage to expose your hopes and dreams to the world, and relentlessly pursue them with laser focus and steadfast vision like we do. We get it, and you have our sincerest thanks and gratitude.
Dear Naysayers. We see you too. We can assure you we have taken your concerns into account, and that we are fully prepared to fail in the pursuit of possibilities. We know your opinions are merely based in a deep rooted appreciation for what may go wrong. It’s okay you can’t see what we see when we close our eyes and envision a future without limits. We get it. And we can’t really blame you, our goals sound crazy to us sometimes too. But we really want to thank you as well for all you have done for us.
And Dear Motivation. Don’t worry. We know sometimes you don’t know what will give you life. We know sometimes you won’t be able to make it out to the grind with us. We know there will be times we will even have to fake your existence for you. But take solace in the fact that the Haters and the Naysayers have your back. They are standing by, ready and willing to breathe new life into you in your darkest hours. When we are getting started, they will be there. When we fall short, they will be there. When we epically fail, they will be there too. And when we are inches from the finish line, not really sure if we will make it, that’s when they will be cheering us on the loudest. Reminding us why we embarked on this journey together to begin with. Reminding us what it would look like if we didn’t go out on a limb and chase after something we couldn’t see. And reminding us how vindicating it will feel when we finally break through all the hurdles and hit our mark.
And when we succeed…they will definitely be there, because that’s when we will need them the most. They just want to make sure we aren’t getting cocky, or arrogant, or resting on our laurels. They want to remind us there are no plateaus, that there will always be another level to go to, and reviving that hunger to succeed we felt when we first started. We won’t get a moment’s rest, not on their watch, for they live to push us to greatness.  We’re an interesting team, the Haters, the Naysayers, Motivation and I…and I wouldn’t want it any other way. – CPT Ryan