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May 14, 2018


Have Promise

Life has little use for promises. As soon as you think something is promised, life will sweep in and wipe the slate clean, leaving you with nothing more than a memory of what you thought was supposed to happen. Whether it’s health, relationships, employment, money, success, loyalty, or even life itself, none of them MAKE promises, they can only HAVE promise, and it’s on you to SEE the promise life has for you.
Things we perceive as being promised by life are actually just hopeful predictions, and those hopeful predictions sometimes have the power to completely derail us when they don’t come true because we give them power they never had to begin with. That’s where you need to have promise as opposed to depending on promise. Having promise is foreseeing a positive outcome given a certain set of facts and circumstances, combined with a vision, hard work, and a little bit of self-generated luck.
Start having promise instead of depending on the inevitable broken promises life doles out to you. Having promise allows you to have flexibility, readjust, adapt to changing circumstances, and even overcome failure. It breeds a positive outlook, sets the tone, and lays out the path forward. Most importantly, instead of worrying about the “What if’s”, it ALLOWS for the “What if’s”, enabling you to seamlessly forge ahead, immune from the debilitating disappointment life has in store for you. Stop depending on promises you know the world can’t keep, and focus on having promise in all that you do, and you’ll find that promise had is even more powerful than a promise kept.

-CPT Ryan  

May 7, 2018


On Your Own

In wolf packs, there comes a point where certain wolves leave, or disperse, from a pack in order to depart from an environment where they have lost power or respect. The “lone wolf”, as it is commonly referred to, leaves an environment of protection, food, and companionship, in search of something better for themselves. Initially, the lone wolf has to be hyper-vigilant, self-sufficient, and self-dependent, often covering hundreds of miles in search of what they couldn’t find where they once were.
If the lone wolf has a strong enough will to survive, they can eventually find another pack to become a part of, and even one day become the alpha leader. No different than the lone wolf, sometimes we need to break away from the pack. Sometimes we are stuck in a pack which has no respect for us anymore, and provides nothing more than a little piece of mind that we will be relatively safe, with food, shelter, and clothing, while simultaneously beating us down through their own drive to be the top dog.
Maybe it’s time for you to stray away and live the life of a lone wolf for a bit. A chance to live for yourself, find yourself, and fend for yourself. To see what you’re made of, and learn what you’re capable of. This journey has the potential to land you in a place where you can become the leader of your own pack, where you’re surrounded by people who will welcome you with open arms, and who can see you for what you truly have to offer. As uncomfortable as it is, and as scary as it will be, venturing away from what you know, and forcing yourself to survive, will reinvigorate your hunger, activate your will, and allow you to live your life instead of just tolerating it. -CPT Ryan