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July 11, 2017

Ways To Love Yourself

Love Yourself MORE!

We all have those days where we wake up, take a look in the mirror, and just see faults. You nit pick every single little thing – whether it’s imperfections in your skin or dimples on your butt – you identify these things that take away from all your hard work at the gym & in the kitchen.

You’re not alone! Even the most ELITE athletes criticize themselves & pick out flaws that NO ONE else sees. We are masters of negative thinking when it comes to body image. We are truly our own worst enemies (us & that damn mirror!).

Teaching your mind to love the skin you’re in is JUST as important (if not more important) that learning proper exercise form & how to eat well for your body.

Luckily, this negative way of thinking can be easily corrected! Here are a few ways to train your mind to love yourself:

1. Praise the Good: Rather than focusing on the things you wish you could change about yourself – focus on the things you LOVE – maybe its your pearly white smile, your killer long legs, your luscious hair – whatever it is, praise the hell out of it! Write these things down. Create a list with all the things you’re happy with & give these things the full attention they deserve. Everyone, literally EVERYONE has things they wish they could change about themselves, but there is no good on harping on these – take the bits & pieces that you love & praise them for all their glory 🙂

2. Remove Criticism: When we are in a critical state of mind we likely attack others while attacking ourselves. It’s not pretty & it’s certainly not something anyone wants to be around. If you’re striving for rock hard abs, chances are you will be hateful and/or envious towards those who already have a 6 pack & negative towards those who are lacking in the ab department. A critical state of mind only snowballs your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a deep dark spiral….remove this criticism from your mind & see what happens!

3. Focus on YOU as a person (not image): Sure, it’s nice to have a kickass body but it doesn’t make a lick of difference if you have a shitty personality & nothing to show for it. As cliche as it might sound, what’s inside COUNTS! Your body image is just one tiny, itsy bitsy part of who you are – don’t let it define you! Spend some time this week working on your inner pieces – your confidence, learning new skills, sharpening your mind – chances are by focusing on yourself as a “whole” your spirits will raise & you’ll find yourself enjoying life from a happier place.

4. Live your Life: Our lives are SO valuable. What kind of life are we living if we spend every waking moment criticizing ourselves? Think about all the opportunities you could be missing out on. Don’t let life pass you by because you don’t want to take your shirt off at the pool, or you don’t feel comfortable in shorts at the gym – we only get one life, so live it to the fullest!

July 11, 2017


Embrace The “Suck”

Everything you want in life will always have a suck factor associated with it. “The Suck” lives everywhere. It lives in the worst case scenario, the mediocre case scenario, and even in the best case scenario. Sometimes “The Suck” is immediately apparent, showing itself before you even start your journey. Sometimes “The Suck” will lull you into a false sense of security, making you think your journey is all sunshine and rainbows, until it reveals itself unexpectedly in the eleventh hour. But the only way to defeat “The Suck”, is to embrace “The Suck”.

To embrace “The Suck” is to trust in the fact that success is born of strife, struggle, and shortcomings. “The Suck” is that knot in the pit of your stomach before you break through your comfort zone. It’s the spinning in your head when you’re overwhelmed, the monotony of countless repetitions, the late nights, early mornings, and those times where you question if it’s all even worth it. Embracing “The Suck” is allowing yourself to feel all those things, but accepting it is part of the process, and that there is growth on the other side of it.

Whatever suck you are experiencing right now, embrace it. There will come a time where you will miss “The Suck” because you will miss what it brought out in you. “The Suck” will expose a side of you that is a fighter, a survivor, a motivator, and a grinder. The exponential self-discovery you will experience in the midst of “The Suck” will be unmatched in any other venue, so get comfortable with it. Seek “The Suck” out, hunt it down, chase after it, and once you find it (or it finds you), embrace it, because “The Suck” isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only mission is to show you what you’re made of. – CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


How To Ride The Wave

Since I’ve been in the most creative light, working on writing my second book, I find myself digging deeper into quotes and/or thoughts that I come across on a daily basis. A few days ago, I read a quote that said “Your wave is coming.” It made me think…if you’re sitting still in the water, the wave will come up behind you, lifting you up to see the world from a different view…you feel a certain, unexplainable rush…but you don’t have enough momentum to ride that wave through. You may start to frantically paddle trying to catch up to the wave or you may just sulk, floating aimlessly, without direction. If we are going to “catch the wave”, we have to be moving FORWARD. We can never be certain where the wave is going to take us but if we are moving forward regardless, we have enough momentum to catch it when it does come.

From there, there is this beautiful (actually quite magical) balance of power. Yes, we are surfing it (or as I prefer – boogie-boarding it) to the best of our ability so that our bodies feel that we are in control – but, we can’t control how fast, how slow, whether it’s going to end, whether someone is going to get in our way, or how long we’re going to be able to ride it.

No matter what, whatever the ride, we are in a new space – where we can chose to sit still…..or catch the next one!

Christmas Abbott Paul Buceta

*Photo by Paul Buceta*

July 11, 2017


The Laws Of Attraction

The laws of attraction are quite simple & an age old premise. You attract what your mind thinks. The people, places, things, feelings, that enter your life are a direct reflection of what you think internally, in that big, beautiful brain of yours.

If you think people are not trustworthy, you will attract dishonest people. If you are focused on sickness, you will attract illness…and so on.

Everything you hold in your conscious becomes evident in your reality. It’s that simple & that complex all at the same time.

If you want to have a good life, to be at peace with yourself & your surroundings, you have to focus on the good. Thus, you will attract the good 🙂 And you have to do this for more than a week at a time. You can’t be positive pete for an entire week and turn into negative nelly the very next. Consistency is key. It’s how your brain operates, how you think on a daily basis – that’s how you change what magnates towards you.

This week, this year, for the rest of your life – try to see the good in people, see wealth, see health, focus on the beauty of everything in your life, not the ugly.

Christmas Abbott beauty

July 11, 2017


Audacity of the Grind

Audacity is the central ingredient to success which will empower every facet of your character to pursue greatness. It is the spark to the idea which will allow you to manifest a thought into a vision. It sets the bar high, forces you to exit your comfort zone, and demands you put up or shut up. When used properly, it allows you to tell the world what it is you really want, setting into motion the law of attraction, and creating opportunity out of aspiration.
Audacity is boldly acting upon something that typically goes against previously accepted social norms. By definition it implies you will face adversity and naysayers, which usually goes hand in hand with achieving success. It is not just boisterous words and an arrogant demeanor, it is an absolute, outright, and unconditional belief in something the rest of the world may not yet see. It is work while others play, it is the grind while others whine, and it is sweat while others sleep. It is the whole package, not just the prediction.
Your grind and your job may not always be synonymous, however. More likely than not, your job will fall into a socially acceptable norm. But your grind is where audacity lives. Your grind falls outside of the normal day-to-day, nine-to-five, which is occupied by average. It is that place where people stop feeling comfortable and start becoming pessimistic, but remember that the grind will always be audacious, and audacity will always be a grind. So breathe life into your grind by fueling it with an audacious vision, a resolute purpose, and a decisive drive, and create your new reality out of relentlessness. – CPT Ryan
July 11, 2017

Beating the Winter Slump

It seems that whenever it starts to get chilly out, we get an extra 2 reasons to not get moving….

1. Either it’s too cold outside & you can’t possibly function to make it to the car to head to the gym or your only option is to train outside which would simply be unbearable.


2. Our clothes are so covering that it doesn’t really matter the extra bit of winter fluff we gain, I mean it’s not bikini season right!?

This year I challenge you to not let the winter months get the best of you reaching your goals! Summer bodies are made in the winter – if you put in the work on the front-end, I guarantee you life will be much more enjoyable come April when you’re planning your next beach trip.

Luckily I have a few moves that you can do from the comfort of your own home to break a sweat no matter how cold it is…

These are 4 of my favorite, fat-blasting full-body moves for Winter:

1. Burpees – love them or hate them, burpees are one of the greatest full body movements that can be done quick & efficiently to get your heart rate up! Remember, chest touches the floor & clap overhead while jumping up in a full standing position. Set a timer for 2 minutes and do as many as possible 🙂

2. Wall Walks – these can be challenging but extremely fulfilling when done properly! Use any empty wall or door in your home to try these suckers. Start lying on your belly, hands under chest with your heels pressed against the wall, push yourself up into a plank position, take a big step up the wall & start climbing with your legs. These are a core & shoulder smoker! Try to complete 5 sets of 2-4 (depending on your level).

3. Jumping Lunges – adding a dynamic element to a simple body weight movement can really kick the intensity up a notch! Try adding a jump to your lunges by switching your legs in mid-air, keep your hands on your hips for balance & rhythm! Start with 4 sets of 15 reps and work your way up to 25 reps!

4. Mountain Climbers – these can be done one of two ways, for speed or for jumping. For speed, your feet should alternate landing on the inside of your hands. For jumping, your feet should move simultaneously, landing on the outside of your hands with a flat food. Try completing 40 of each variation – happy climbing!

Not sure how to put these moves together? Here’s a workout for you combining all 4 movements :

Set a time for 20 minutes & complete as many rounds & reps as possible:
10 Wall Walks
20 Jumping Lunges
30 Burpees
40 Mountain Climbers


July 11, 2017


Wear Your Weakness

“It’s more important to know your weaknesses than your strengths.” – Ray Lee Hunt
Acceptance and avoidance of your weaknesses are two means to the same end. By simply accepting your weaknesses as they are, you begin creating a self-fulfilling prophecy which will only gain momentum over time, and eventually snowball into an identity you feel you can’t escape. Conversely, avoiding your weaknesses will simply create cracks in your foundation, and as pressure builds over time, everything will eventually collapse, causing a greater detriment to your psyche than just addressing your weaknesses ever could.

Achievements are formed by goals, and goals are the products of refining weaknesses. Just as the only way to achieve a goal is to identify exactly what the goal is and formulating a plan, the only way to defeat a weakness is to expose exactly what the weakness is and formulating a goal. True strength lies within your ability to accurately and honestly assess your weaknesses, coupled with the willingness to learn, and a propensity for change.

Have the confidence to wear your weaknesses on your sleeve without hiding behind them, or being defined by them. Your weaknesses are just that…YOURS. They are not going anywhere, and they will be yours to bear until you muster up the courage to own them, and deal with them. Face them head on and defeat them in countless repetitions, fueled by your hunger to never land back at square one. Extinguishing your weakness starts with a single step into the fire with the expectation of getting burnt; so jump in now and stave off the blaze of infernal regret.- CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


It’s Not a Trap

Sometimes the world has us trapped. Sometimes it has us backed into a corner, and no matter how badly we want to get out of it, it just seems like there is nothing we can do but accept it and hope for change. Sometimes the world traps you in a job you don’t like, surrounded by people you can’t stand, leaving you barely enough time to take care of yourself, or things you truly care about. And sometimes the world just traps you in the veritable comfort of stable mediocrity, making it seemingly impossible to trade known security for a vulnerable unknown.

The trap has not been set by the world however. In all actuality, the trap can only be set by your mind, causing you to believe a set of circumstances is greater than your character, ambition, and grit. You are never truly trapped unless you have chosen to be by living a lifestyle of submission to the belief you don’t deserve something better, and prescribing to a habit of hopelessness.

Kick the habit of condoning what you don’t want, and start commanding what you truly desire. Force your mind to wage an unrelenting assault on the illusion of everlasting psychological imprisonment, because that’s all it is – an illusion, caused by fear, anxiety, and a lack of self-respect. Start making a commitment to yourself, to your change, and to the standards by which you want to live, and call your mind on its bluff. -CPT Ryan

July 11, 2017


Don’t Believe the Hype

“Create the hype, but don’t ever believe it.” – Simon Cowell.
A huge part of chasing your dream is truly believing in your brand, your values, and your purpose. In order to do that, you obviously must be willing and able to passionately speak to your mission with a clear and concise vision, coupled with a whole hearted belief in your plan. But there is a fine line between promotion and propaganda.
Achievement is built upon hunger, and hunger is conceived in humility. The moment you start believing you deserve something from the world based upon the perceived hype of your previous accomplishments, is the very moment you start to sacrifice your will to succeed for the intoxication of your ego. Don’t fall prey to your own highlight reel, as it will only create the illusion of infallible greatness. Instead, focus on the climb, where no success is perfect, and failure is equally valuable in your summit-less ascent to the top.
Make humility the foundation of your hustle, the essence of your hype, and the answer to your highlight reel. Fight the stagnation of self-admiration with a steady self-confidence, which is open to change, criticism, and self-growth. Build your personal brand on your own authentic values which focus less on the past, and more on the product, allowing you boldly show the world what you can bring to the table right now, with a body of work which can speak for itself. – CPT Ryan
July 11, 2017


Everyone wants results. Everyone wants to reach a certain goal…they want to look a certain way, feel a particular way, get a particular job, reach a milestone….whatever it may be – we all want SOMETHING.

Well I’ve got news for you…it takes a lot of work and sacrifices to get to where you want to be. People don’t just wake up one day with their goal body or dream job, it takes weeks, months, even years to get to that point. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, DISCIPLINE.

Almost anything is possible for those rare few that are willing to work, put in the hours, accept the discomfort of growth, stay the course, and be humble & open enough to feedback and help. The problem is that no one want sot put the work in, we sometimes lack the discipline. Don’t fool yourself – YOU are fully capable, you just have to want it bad enough! You can still make your dreams a reality.

You’re either training yourself for something great, or letting greatness slip away from neglect. (Inspiration for the long haul!)

Christmas Abbott Discipline